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Saturday, February 20th 2010

3:41 AM

Lost in Translation - Weird Signs in China

  • Mood: happy
My friend Bao Huai sent these to me recently--not sure if he took them himself or what, but he and I used to laugh over the absurdities of "Eng-rish" signs in Beijing, so he thought I'd enjoy them. Yeah, I love China, love Beijing and all that jazz, but I still have to laugh at some of the surreal results that translating into another language will bring up there. I wish I'd thought of taking such photos myself, because, believe me, they are EVERYwhere!

(Undoubtedly this is for the delicious baozi, dumplings stuffed with vegies and pork--but oh, that slip of the dictionary makes it more dangerous to consider for lunch!)

(This would be totally weird to most folks but pity the poor she-male/drag queen!)

(No, Chinese do not in general eat dog--though some in Guangdong province might--this is just another strange translation of godonlyknows WHAT!)

(I cannot even begin to translate what they actually meant--care to take a gander?)

(This appears in subway stations a lot, always with mangled translations)

(Um, maybe they mean 'Fresh Herbs'???)

(From a construction site, but oh, WHAT the imagination can contribute!)

Hope you had a laugh for today! And to my Chinese friends, I'm sure our signs in Chinese would be just as weird, don't worry! Love y'all!
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