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Monday, February 15th 2010

12:14 PM

Happy Valentine's Day + My Favorite Couples!

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Ah, Valentine’s Day! I absolutely love it! Every year I look so forward to the day, even when I didn’t have a beloved to celebrate with—and now that I DO, I love it even more. There’s something about all those red hearts, pink roses, white lacey cards, diamond jewelry advertisements and heart-shaped cookies that just sets my heart aglow. Even though my children are grown and out, I still love to shop for Valentine’s Day’s goodies for them—chocolate hearts or lips, flowers, fun Valentine knick-knacks, lipglosses for my daughter, glowsticks for my son, cookies, and of course, the perfect card. This year was no exception. For Raul I don’t usually buy candy, because he’s not really into sweets, but I try to get him something I know he’ll like:  this year it was a great, thick cargo coat with grey flannel lining, to keep him warm in these frosty cold Southern winters (and yes, it DOES get cold down here). He gave me a lovely pair of 10k gold earrings, which I’ve been wearing a lot lately!

This year we celebrated a little early with dinner and a movie (Avatar) on Friday, relaxed on Saturday, and then went to Jimmy’s birthday party on Sunday. It was a small affair but really fun! Some of my favorite people came, including Rosemary, Ricky and Jennifer (Iris’ kids).

(Iris singing a Peruvian Birthday song to Jimmy)

I fixed a big platter of Spanish deviled eggs & olives, and Iris brought her famous chancho (Peruvian pork)—Maria supplied the wine, cake, candies and cheese tray, and we all hung out, laughing, talking and taking photos.

One of their neighbors had had a birthday party a little earlier in the day, and he brought over a bucket of oysters, complete with oyster knives and sauce, and the guys had a field day, slurping them up and getting’ razzed by all the ladies because oysters, as you may not know, are considered an aphrodisiac!

After the party we all went our separate ways to celebrate privately with our honeybears,--which was, of course, my favorite part of Valentine’s Day!


This time of year brings to mind those particular couples that I keep close in my heart—couples who have been together many years, some have raised children together, some not, but all of these seem to me to have an especially close bond. It does my heart good to see them together because they're not shy about showing their love and tenderness for each other—you feel this so strongly when you're with them, and it’s a pleasant and hopeful thing to be around. Hopeful, because so many couples these days seem to grow angry, bored or just plain stale after a few years, and end their marriages on these least complaint. These friends of mine genuinely enjoy each others company, and so, when you're with them, you enjoy being around them too! They make any gathering more delightful, more fun, more interesting.

Would they ever divorce? Well, I make no predictions, of course. These particular couples, however, seem to me to be such happily mated, caring, warm and loving people that I take them as an example of what a wonderful marriage can be. It would shock me greatly if any of these ever broke up—really, when you’re around them you just could not imagine such a thing. I know many married couples I like, and I intend no insult to those not included here—these are just the ones that strike me as being the closest, who are still in love in spite of their differences and many years together, who still seem to have that subtle glow of romance and aura of affection and tenderness. So, I’m presenting them here, to honor what Valentine's Day is really about….Love you guys!!!

(Of course I have to include Raul & me, cuz even though we have had only 3 years together so far, it feels as if we have been together much longer, and cannot imagine my life without him! Te quiero, mi amorcito!!!)

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