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Monday, February 8th 2010

4:08 PM

Enjoying another Pisco Day!

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(The Peruvian Association of Savannah put on the party on February 6th, 2010)

Once again it’s that first Saturday in February, and that means we celebrate Peru’s National Pisco Day, and my Peruvian husband and our friends all gather to dance and party and feast and enjoy each other’s company while celebrating that wonderful white grape brandy—the national drink of Peru! We all met at Sobeida’s neighborhood clubhouse, brought Peruvian goodies to eat, and Raul was the DJ. He played a great list of salsa, meringue and other Latin music all night, and helped create a cheerful atmosphere.

 He had also made a pan of papas rellenas, a Peruvian dish of mashed potatoes stuffed with beef, olives and eggs, then deep fried—needless to say, they disappeared fast! It IS wonderful to have a man who cooks, yes, indeedy! At New Years, for Jorge’s party he had made them as well, and even cold, they are SO good, that they were all gone in about 10 minutes!

Well, we hauled ourselves out in cold, rainy weather to go and though it was like sitting in a freezer sometimes, when we went out to smoke, it was still a great night.

Rosemary, Iris’ daughter came as well, and I was so happy to see her! We sat outside a lot smoking and talking, while another couple of young people joined us. We got into this conversation about anime and how teens love the style, at which point I had to interject some information—many American kids adore anime and go to sushi bars here, and end up crazy about Japan, but they do not research the history of the country or look very deeply into it. I’m all for Asian culture, but when they asked me why their Chinese friends hated Japan, I gave them a history lesson.

(Me & Miss Rosemary)

Iris had us all toast with Pisco Sours, which are always delicious. The original recipe calls for pisco, plenty of fresh lime juice, fresh egg whites and sugar, then place the mixture in a blender, pour it out and sprinkle a little cinnamon on top-magnifico! That night they used a pisco sour mix, then put on a bit of Angostura bitters—another way of drinking it (but my favorite is with FRESH lime juice), then Iris performed a Peruvian dance with the Pisco on the floor, swirling around the bottle and generating much applause.

Our friend John and his Peruvian wife Rosemary also came, with their two precious little ones. John is about my daughter’s age, and he’s one of those guys who may be considered a little freaky in the evening at parties, but is all business during the daytime—a lesson he has been instructing Merlin in! His kids are so pretty, with smooth olive complexion, and we often kid him about the amount of his genes that apparently were subsumed by Rosemary’s—they both look just like her!

Iris serving delicious Peruvian dishes: Cau cau, papas rellenas, papas a la huancaina, arroz con leche and much more!

The two best lookin' ladies in purple that night!

Our girls just wanna have fun! Sobeida & Iris livin' it up!

Sobeida and Iris both chose black and white outfits, along with Rosemary in black & silver--I think we all made some good lookin' Latinas (with me as an honorary Latina-by-marriage!)

The hostess toasts the DJ--Salud!

We had a great time, and I maintained a nice buzz all through the evening--which is a goal of mine at these get-togethers. Not drunk! Just sort of pleasantly inebriated. One warning though. When the rum ran out I had no recourse than to find something else (NOT beer) to nourish my party-buzz, so I mixed a big cup of pisco and Coke---EEEEEGADS! It was awful! Even after I added a teaspoon of the pisco sour mix, it was barely tolerable...bleeeeeeh! Something about the taste of pisco is just diametrically opposed to COKE! It may be a white liquor, like rum or vodka, but don't make the mistake of mixing it like them or you WILL regret it!
We ended the evening by drinking a chocolatey, half-frozen, coconut milk and cream confection that Alvin, Sobeida's husband had brought along--it was superb!! I'll post the recipe here if he lets me have it later! I love Pisco Sour Day!

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Posted by piscolova:

I thought pisco was from Chile?? I love pisco + coke
Wednesday, November 17th 2010 @ 4:40 PM

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