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Wednesday, March 20th 2013

12:03 AM

New Lighthouse Images---Always be ready with your Sketchbook!--Plus a little Lighthouse story or two...

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Several years ago, when my children were going to classes at the local JEA (Jewish Educational Alliance), a teacher there saw me sketching one day while waiting for the kids and asked to see my sketchbook. She hadn't realized I was an artist and was excited to ask me if I ever painted lighthouses. Now, I've done many different kinds of artwork, but usually, if there was a lighthouse involved it was part of the background, but I personally adore lighthouses--something about those spears of light projecting out into the night sky over the ocean feels inspirational to me--so we talked about what she was looking for. She had three favorites in mind and wanted 3 small paintings of them, matted and framed for her dining room, which was apparently decorated in a lighthouse theme. I do regret that I was not able to find the notes as to WHICH  lighthouses she asked for, but I DID find the digital copies of the paintings and have added them (with a watermark to prevent someone else using the images) and have added them to the Potpourri section of the site--now you can get the images on T-shirts as well and they look wonderful on white!

Another little lighthouse story. When I moved to Beijing in March 2003 I absolutely loved the city, however, in a few months I found myself missing the ocean. A close friend took me on a trip to QinHuangDao which is a smaller city on the eastern coast. We arrived at night, and, after dropping off our luggage at the hotel, took a walk down to the beach. There, stretching out it's brilliant beam like a great sword of protection into the night sky, was a lighthouse! It suddenly struck me that here I was, on the other side of the world, and there, miles and miles and leagues across the eastern ocean was the western coast of the United States--it was amazing and suddenly made me yearn to see the Tybee Island Lighthouse (at Tybee, just outside my home city of Savannah, GA). I found myself weeping there on that dark beach in China, loving where I was, and yet also missing my old home--if someone had handed me a plane ticket to Savannah, I would not have taken it because I was actually quite happy in China---it was like a second home to me--so I was feeling this double intensity load of emotion all at once: missing home, and yet overwhelmed by a sense of homecoming right where I was. I never forgot that moment....

These images from the original paintings which were sold to the Jewish lady teacher, are now available as prints, in a 5-card set (with envelopes) AND on T-shirts. If you love lighthouses, or know someone who does, won't you pick one up for yourself or a lighthouse lover near you! Light blue or pink or grey shirts are available for an additional $2--just make a note on the Paypal page!

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